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Our Work:
We provide Action Sports programs for disabled youth, young adults and veterans. Our intention is to break down attitudinal barriers that promote exclusion. Skate and snow-boarding -- sports with which a majority of today’s young people identify -- are our primary tools.

Our Goals:
Provide fun, healthy exercise, skate- and snowboard skill-development, camaraderie and esteem- building activities to adaptive individuals.
Provide state-of-the-art action sports skills training by AAS’ certified instructors who have experience working with all ages and all skill levels.
Raise awareness of skate- and snowboarding as challenging, and rewarding, sports for adaptive riders.
Increase the level of expectation and respect for the abilities and potential of adaptive individuals.
Provide programs for riders whose goals are to increasingly enjoy recreational riding through the development of their skill sets.
Introduce the AAS pipeline to riders of all abilities and scout for – and train -- those with interest and potential to (a) become part of our Skate Demonstration Team or (b) compete for a spot on the US National Parasnowboard Team.

Our Impact:
AAS events enrich the lives of participants and spectators while demonstrating that the “disabled” can “live beyond their limits.”
The impact is attitudinal change for both the adaptive and general populations.
AAS provides role models and heroes.
Spectators and athletes alike leave AAS events, feeling INSPIRED.

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